Citroën 2CV lovers in Europe

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Citroën 2CV lovers in Europe

ATHENS, GREECE. Friday, 20th of November 2015. It is difficult to balance all the caring people we have met along the way and also Citroën 2CV lovers. In addition to our fellows of the 2CV Club in Mallorca, who have offered their assistance from the distance to help us with some issues, we wanted to mention the people who, by chance or not, have helped us repairing what we couldn’t because of the lack of tools or knowledge.

  1. Uzes, France. Frenchmen who had a friendly Dyane 6 lubricated the suspension and our Thunderbird never complaint again.
  1. Budva, Montenegro. When we arrived in Montenegro, after two weeks of incessant rain, the wipers stopped working. The engine stopped and did not start, although we checked all was well connected. When we reached Budva, a nice Montenegrin, Danilo, kindly offered to take the car to his trusted repairman in BMW. There it was impossible to fix it, but we were directed to an electrician who replaced it temporarily by the wiper motor of a Volkswagen, much larger than the Citroen’s. Because of its size it was impossible to mount the dashboard again, so we had to find a solution: either fix our wiper motor or buy a new one. Our Montenegrin friend Danilo offered to fix it in a short break he would do to Belgrade, Serbian capital. Within two days he told us that the wiper motor would arrive in Budva bus station. A bus would arrive at 5.30pm. And so it was. We went to the station without really knowing who or what to expect. When the bus arrived a young man approached us and gave us a package. It was the wiper motor. Fixed up.
  1. Paralia, Greece. Completed 10,000 kilometers, we had to change the oil and oil filter. The first thing we could do it ourselves, but for the latter we needed or the filter wrench or a mechanic. As we did not have the first, we went to a mechanic. Soon after arriving, a man who confessed his love to the Citroen 2CV came to us. He prepared a table, invited us to eat and chatted with us while the mechanic changed the oil and filter. We did not have to pay anything.

In addition to these remarkable stories, we have encountered on the road with wonderful people willing to help as necessary. There is no doubt that the Citroen 2CV raises passions wherever he goes.

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