The 2CV: tiny, fragile and loyal

COMACCHIO, ITALY. Sunday, 4th of October 2015. The Citroën 2CV is a tiny car, rounded, fragile if you look it in the outside, but strong inside, like a stone. It looks really small in the roads full of big cars, insatiable beasts that destroy everything that surrounds them. The 2CV, well-known as Thunderbird, or Barrufet, talks to you. Clear and loud. “Louise, I am tired”, he screams sometimes. Or, “please, can we go to the end of the world?”, he whispers when we drive along virgin roads close to the sea. You simply need to listen to him. And fuss over him.

  1. Wheel puncture. Every setback happens before you start any adventure. And that was our case. Before we even depart from Mallorca to Barcelona, Louise found a wheel punctured. She started to change it when a couple of gardeners came to help her.
  2. Broken exhaust pipe. The day before we departed, the exhaust pipe broke with a flange that attached it to the engine. In the middle of August it was complicated to find a mechanic capable of soldering it. To modern cars’ mechanics it was mission impossible. “We need to change the whole piece”, they said. Or “we need a few hours to fix it”. Finally we found Emili, who fix it in an hour.
  3.  Suspension. When we were driving along the French coast, before we reach Montpellier, the 2CV started to complain in the curves. We heard a metallic sound. When we arrived in Uzès, a kind group of French guys who had a Dyane 6 had a look. They lubricated the suspension and Thunderbird never complained again.
  4. Other little incidences. The copilot door needed a little adjustment: tighten the screws. The windscreen wiper was more efficient in the copilot side, so we exchanged it with the pilot one. The left light of the break stopped working and, after checking the light bulb, we found out that one of the wires dropped so we just needed to connect them again.

© 2018. 2 Femmes en 2Cv. Eva Serra & Ana Vega.

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