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Two women in a 2CV is a project of vital experience that Eva Serra and Ana Vega have started. It consists in travelling around the world with a Citroën 2CV of 1983 from Mallorca.

We would love to count on brands that share the basis of our project to help us spread our adventure. Sponsorship or financial support would be a great way for the companies to transmit positivism, optimism, adventure and backing talent and female entrepreneurs.

The main aim of this proposal of neonomadism is to find a way of self development. We believe that anybody can achieve anything if they really put themselves into it. Under this philosophy, we will travel around the world with our Citroën 2CV working within the sharing economy and sleeping in our tent.

A basic part of the project is communication. We have built a corporate identity for the adventure, a website with videos and posts where we explain our adventures and profiles in the Social Media. To achieve any challenge is possible, and we want to share those good vibes with our followers.

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Spreading your brand in Social Media, with mentions in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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Publishing a banner in our website with a link to your company’s website or Social Media.


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Placing a vinyl with your brand in our Citroën 2CV: in the bonnet, boot, doors and/or windows.


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Writing a trip story related to your brand, a written story or a video story.


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© 2018. 2 Femmes en 2Cv. Eva Serra & Ana Vega.

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