The Journey

Thelma & Louise

A road trip to seek for self-knowledge. Around the world on a Citroën 2CV from the eighties.

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We left everything behind. Everything. The two of us were overwhelmed by the lack of time in this alienated society and completely stuck at work, even though we both were truly established in our respective job positions. We were at the same vital point of our lives when we entered the thirties this summer. Instead of complaining about what we do not like in our lives and non-accomplished dreams, we decided to build something together. Something that we really feel like doing, beyond comfort, standard conventions or fears. We know that it was the perfect moment for starting this adventure that is changing our lives. The time for taking control of our lives had come. Finally our life belongs to us.

We have quitted our permanent and stable jobs, we have detached from everything material, everything supposedly necessary for living. To truly live. With passion. We left behind our professional careers, family, friends, boyfriends, routines and obligations. And we just began a spiritual journey from Mallorca heading Istanbul along the Mediterranean coast at a first stage. We have no savings nor planned routes. We just have a really special mate, a Citroën 2CV.

We have visited half Europe with our eyes and heart wide open to experience another way of living and subsist within the sharing economy, sleeping in our tent and working through platforms like Work Away. Detaching ourselves from everything that is not nature, human relationships and love for life and for what we do. So far we have worked in a permaculture orchard in France, doing the harvest in Italy, doing a photoshooting in Montenegro, helping as volunteers in a Syrian refugees camp in Serbia and doing the olive picking in a self sustainable community in Greece.

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At first we are not even aware of that comfort zone. But day after day the awareness of the fact that this life is not the life we want to live, knocks on the door. At first that emotion is an inner voice that recognizes all that we do not want. Gradually that little voice becomes a loud scream that puts into words everything that prevents us from reaching a stage of happiness. Now we just need to take the first step and let our imagination flow.

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And when we were asked if we were scared, the answer was obvious. Of course we were afraid. Afraid to fail, to lose, to experience things we do not know, we were afraid of an uncertain future. As human beings we are afraid of the unknown. But the most important thing is not to avoid fear, but to recognize it. Because once you are aware of it, you can take the big move. Find out what you really want. And who you are.

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Things place us on a certain social status to feel comfortable with our environment. They determine us. And we settle down. And then we come to a standstill. Even though we are aware that we do not like the kind of life we are living, who we are, it is easier to stand still and remind everything we sacrifice in order to have all of those things we do not need.



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In a beautiful book named “Lots of tiny people” by Gustavo Duch, there is a beautiful writing which we feel completely identified with. It has become the manifesto for our living adventure:

[/agni_blockquote][agni_dropcap letter=”F” choice=”circle”]rom now on, we declare, we will not work anymore to finance those despotic states that steal our homes or sustenance, neither for depressive states that steal our happiness. Slave work has come to an end.

We interrupt immediately and forever the consumerist consumerism that consumes our smiles and devour seas, lands, skies and waters. People are not the Market, we affirm – market is just a meeting place.

Sexist work days which insult love, caring and affection are consigned to perpetual inactivity.

We strictly state: we stand our ground! We plant ourselves like rebel seeds on the Earth, facing the arrogant abuses that we commit over it.

We declare hunger and pain, bad love and bad humour in general and permanent strike.

We will keep wars in indefinite strike. We will suspend all of the positions of those who make war, forever and ever. So be it.

Last but not least, we declare the quest for materialist wealth forever interrupted, for it is responsible for all of the poverty.

Among mates, with knowing souls, we vow to occupy every second, minute and hour that we misemploy today, in the collective construction of a permanent state of happiness.

Lots of tiny people.
Gustavo Duch.
Pol·len Edicions

Translation into English by Anna Baum and Ana Vega.[/agni_dropcap]

© 2018. 2 Femmes en 2Cv. Eva Serra & Ana Vega.

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