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Two Women in a Citroën 2CV

We are Eva Serra and Ana Vega. We have quitted our permanent and stable jobs, we have detached from everything material to begin a spiritual journey in a Citroën 2Cv from 1983. We started this road trip in August 2015 from Mallorca heading Istanbul along the Mediterranean coast at a first stage. We have no savings nor planned routes. We visited half Europe with our eyes and heart wide open to experience another way of living and subsist within the sharing economy, sleeping in our tent and working through platforms like Work Away. Detaching ourselves from everything that is not nature, human relationships and love for life and for what we do. We started a new adventure in Asia, starting by the former Persian Empire: Iran, and heading to Central Asia. And we want to explain everything.

Now we are in Palma

So far (March 2017) we have driven along…


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Travel with us through our photo gallery, where we include a little selection of photos that we have taken until now with our beloved 2CV.

The gallery shows photos taken in France, Italy, the Balkans, Turkey, Iran, Armenia or Georgia.

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The Spiritual Journey

We left everything behind. Everything. The two of us were overwhelmed by the lack of time in this alienated society and completely stuck at work, even though we both were truly established in our respective job positions. We were at the same vital point of our lives when we entered the thirties this summer. Instead of complaining about what we do not like in our lives and non-accomplished dreams, we decided to build something together. Something that we really feel like doing, beyond comfort, standard conventions or fears.

The Spiritual Journey

Our manifesto

Within mates, with knowing souls, we swear to occupy every second, minute and hour that we do not spend now, in the collective construction of a permanent state of happiness.

Lots of tiny people.
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