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Two goats at 80km/h

We met at the University, in Barcelona. Those years in which we could not stop collecting dreams in our nomadic minds. That time when a good conversation fought the boring “have to do…” and won. A time when what really mattered was to learn and we did not have to restrain our words to content anyone. Not even ourselves.

Eva Serra

I have always lived surrounded by books and films. As a child I plunged into reading stories that made me go where the imagination could not take me and spent the afternoons watching old films and new ones in the wonderful cinema of my village, which is like a small Cinema Paradiso. I grew up full of joy, in La Garriga, a small town near Barcelona. I was always free and doing what I wanted. Surrounded by love, women fighters and people who loved me and taught me the little – but important- things in life.


I am a Citroën 2CV 6 Special from 1983. I have lived all my life in Mallorca, between Sencelles and Santa Eugenia. In 2014 a young girl from Santander took me to Palma de Mallorca, what a change! Accustomed to the rural atmosphere of the interior of Mallorca, in the city I was revolutionized. Everyone looked at me. Everyone was smiling at me. They even took pictures with me. What I liked most about my new owner is that she took me everywhere with her.

Ana Vega

I am Ana Vega, journalist, with a natural and inevitable attraction for Lebanon and every apparently minority conflict that could be extrapolated to the rest of the world. I was born in Santander, I used to live in Barcelona and until recently I spent most of my time in Mallorca. However, the most important is not where, but why.