“For a journey that begins from the end, and it does not finish”

BARCELONA, CATALUNYA. Saturday, 1st of August 2015. When you receive a present in your thirty anniversary from a really good friend. A great present entitled “Lots of tiny people” with some dedicatory words in the cover by her admired writer Eduardo Galeano. It is a beautiful tiny edition made with love and care. There is magic in the eye of this friend when she explains to Thelma how that book called her to buy it for her. And how exciting when Thelma opened the first page and it is written “To Eva, of course”. In that precise moment Thelma has already made the decision of leaving behind her common life to start a fascinating new adventure of self-knowledge. It looks like there is a conjunction of the universe. It had to be that friend she loves so much the one who gave her that present. That book, that inevitably had to end up in her hands. “To Eva, of course”.

She leafed through the book’s pages with tears in the eye while her friend looked at her touched, excited. It took a few days to start reading that book. Finally she read it late at night, a suffocating night of July. She got hooked from the very beginning. She read it, and read it again infinitely. In two hours. At 2.30 am, Thelma sent to Louise the story “The strike”, which expresses literally the reasons why they start this spiritual journey. That story is pure poetry and they made it the manifesto of the trip. The words written by Gustavo Duch fill their hearts, give sense to that trip and they feel accompanied – they are not the only ones that have that philosophy of life.

They go on with the preparations of the trip. Louise leaves Mallorca and settle down for a few days in La Garriga. A Saturday morning, Louise calls Thelma excited. Look at this tweet, she says. A string of beautiful words describe a picture of their beloved Citroën 2CV: “It is sky and it is sea – until the horn honks“. Gustavo Duch has heard of their adventure and mention them. Excited, they thank him that mention and propose him to meet. They are dying to meet one of the inspiring philosophers of the trip.

So they meet in Horta, Barcelona, to have breakfast. He brings them to an unknown spot of the city, which turns out to be magic, full of history, tradition and orchards. Full of authentic life, which is what Gustavo Duch talks about. They promise him that they will never explain to anybody where they have been. Places like this should never be published in “Must visit” lists. They listen him talking about farmers, agriculture, courgettes, Eduardo Galeano, David Fernández, the publishing world, Pierre Rahbi. Without knowing how he heard of them, they introduce him to their beautiful car.

They feel inspired and thankful of having the chance of meeting and talking to Gustavo. They are amazed by the fact that a casual and instinctive anecdote has lead them to build part of the philosophy of their trip and to know such a great author. That is the magic of doing what you feel you must do.

© 2018. 2 Femmes en 2Cv. Eva Serra & Ana Vega.

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